Here in HabboPinas we provide a fun, friendly and healthy working community, we treat each and every member as a part of our family. We share stories, jokes, problems and even advices. HabboPinas made sure each member helps each other.

We treat them equally and give them the respect they deserve.

Our team leaders for each departments trains their employees well to give their very best on their specific jobs.


  • Incentive programs such as competition with rewards or prizes. (We like to motivate you to keep you going.)
  • Staff of the Month
  • HP points that you can earn through events (Yes! you can join too but you'll only get points.) and you can redeem them in our point shop.
  • 15 credits (for DJs) and 10 credits per week for those who work and meet their quota.
  • Largest Filipino Habbo group / community. (More friends, more fun right?)
  • We share the donation we get from generous people and share it to the whole staff.
  • In depth tutorials on your task to help you get started.
  • Sponsorship program - Earn HC / BC days, furnis from the extra stuff we get.

We do not tolerate:
  • Discrimination
  • Hate
  • Racism 
  • Selfishness
  • Uncontrollable attitude
  • Bad mouthing / flaming
  • Scamming or Hacking in any kind of way
  • Anything that would offend or hurt other players in a very unfair way.

Jobs available right now :